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Kruising tussen Australian Shepherd en Grote Keeshond, wolfsgrijs
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   1 jaar oud
   Kruising tussen Australian Shepherd en Grote Keeshond, wolfsgrijs
   Amsterdam, Noord-Holland (NL)

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Masha is a very lovely puppy. She is a Australian Shepherd / Keeshond mix. She seems to be more a shepherd than a Keeshond, but seems stubborn like a Keeshond.

She loves other people and other dogs. She is also very happy with children and seems very submissive towards any people and children.

Masha loves to play especially tug-o-war or fetch and loves her toys and of course her food! She is a very kind dog who just wants to play, especially with other dogs. She knows the basic commands such as sit, down, come, going to her bed or place, touch, hold (put her chin on your hand), going through your legs, heel. She is a very smart dog and therefore it is also important to be more smart than her. She also love to be with her owners and loves getting belly rubs.

Though Masha has problems with her socialization with loud noises and moving objects. When she was born until she was 9 weeks she was not exposed by anything beside people, children, her siblings and the living room of the family that we bought her from. Therefore Masha will need a lot of care for her socialization regarding these problems and a lot of patience!

She will need to live in a rural and quiet area where she can be in peace and happy. Optimally you will probably live in a farm or a place with a big garden.

She is also a very uncertain dogs for new environments and that is because of the bad socialization from early age.

But if she can find the right owners living the right place, which can be quiet and having space for her to play then she will be the best dog one can imagine.


Item Price
Ras Kruising tussen Australian Shepherd en Grote Keeshond, wolfsgrijs
Groep Kruising
Geslacht Teef
Leeftijd 1 jaar
Kort/langharig Langharig
Hoogte Middel, 35-70cm
Gesteriliseerd Nee
Gevaccineerd Nee
Eerste eigenaar Ja
Heeft een (puppy) training gehad Ja
Is bang voor de dierenarts Nee
Heeft een handicap Nee
Gechipt Ja
Stamboom Nee
Paspoort Ja
Kan makkelijk alleen thuis zijn Nee
Kan makkelijk met katten zijn Onbekend
Kan makkelijk met andere honden zijn Onbekend
Kan goed overweg met kleine kinderen Ja
Reactie op nieuwe onbekende mensen Vriendelijk
Kan mee in de auto Nee
Zindelijk Ja
Kan buiten loslopen Ja
Verharen van de vacht Vaak
Lijn trekkracht Minimaal
Heeft baknijd Ja
Gebruikt speciaal voer Ja
Wat voor voer Food for her digestions system. She also might have allergy.
Gebruikt medicijnen Nee

Noodzakelijk voor herplaatsing
  Nieuwe eigenaar woont in een woonhuis / appartement met tuin
  Nieuwe eigenaar heeft een grote tuin
  Nieuwe eigenaar woont dicht bij een groenvoorziening
  Nieuwe eigenaar woont dicht bij een losloop plek
  Nieuwe eigenaar is altijd thuis (grootste gedeelte)
  Huisdier is minder dan 6 uur per dag alleen



The puppy has anxiety for loud noises and moving objects. As we live a bit outside of Amsterdam, we have train tracks and a pretty big road near us. The things that scare her are surrounding her and we can therefore not get away from where we live. We have tried a lot of desensitization, but it seems it does not have much effect. We have been to Utrecht University Animal Behavioral Clinic and they recommended that it might be best to rehome her to another family which lives in a rural area which is quiet and close to nature.

It is important to notice that she will probably always be a dog which is not completely comfortable around loud noises and moving objects and new environments. Therefore she will need a family or person who lives in a rural area and have a lot of patience with her.
Every new object to her is scary and therefore requires classically counterconditioning the stimulus for the new objects.

We have the report from Utrecht University Animal behavioural clinic which we will be more than willingly to share to possibly new owners which think Masha will be a good match for them.

We are not able to move ourselves and therefore want her to be rehomed, so our puppy will be less stressed. We have tried so many things ourselves and also with a behavourist and a trainer, but the environment that we live in seems not suitable for our puppy.